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Original acrylic painting by artist Joy Keldsen

Joy is originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and is now active duty Air Force. She began painting while stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Initially, she started painting with oil paints using Bob Ross' signature wet-on-wet style. She switched to acrylic paints when she moved to Seoul, South Korea and didn't have space to allow oil paintings to dry. She has also been stationed in Texas, California, and Hawaii. She now lives in New Jersey, and continues to paint acrylic paintings of landscapes that inspire as well as abstract paintings. She uses a variety of techniques and tools to derive the desired effects.

While I was going through my divorce, I lived on Oahu. My soon-to-be ex-husband still lived with me, leaving me with little chance to think clearly or relax. I took to hiking the island for an escape from all the stress. Oahu is such a beautiful island, though it's sometimes difficult to escape all the people. The panoramic views were my sanity. I still paint them just to remember how far I've come since that difficult time.